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Naming Conventions & Storage
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Naming Conventions & Storage

Company Name

The company name is spelled and capitalized YSAcentral, not YSA Central, not YSA central, not YSACentral. Please make sure the company name is always capitalized correctly.

File Naming Conventions

YSAcentral is going to operate in a Linux environment. The current dedicated server is CentOS. File naming should always take this into consideration. So please follow these file and directory naming conventions;

  • No spaces in a filename or directory, use underscores or hyphens where you want to use a space.
  • No capital letters in a filename or directory. If you feel this is wrong, please discuss it with Spencer.
  • Do not use vague, non-descriptive names;
    • incorrect >> ysacentral.css
    • incorrect >> ysa_class.css
    • CORRECT >> ysa-photo-album.css
  • When slicing, make sure the CSS and JavaScript files are named properly so they aren't changed later unless absolutely necessary.

Image File Naming Conventions

Follow all of the previous "File Naming Conventions" instructions, plus the following which are more specific to images.

  • Include the dimensions or a size descriptor, for example;
    • profile_default_photo-203x172.png
    • profile_default_photo-large.png 
  • The same thing could be accomplished by having different directories available for each size, all sizes have an identical name. That way when you make a call to the image, you just change the directory name, not the filename.

File Storage

YSAcentral is a very large project. Page load speed and overall responsiveness is absolutely critical, along with high quality graphics and text. Here are a few guidelines to follow;

  • Use the central CSS and JavaScript files only for content that will appear throughout multiple "modules" of the website.
  • Create "module" specific CSS and JavaScript files if the content will be contained within the "module". For example;
    • The Photo Album module is fairly well self contained, so it should have it's own CSS and JavaScript files.
    • Whereas the Main Navigation is site wide, so it's CSS and JavaScript should be in the central site-wide CSS and JavaScript files.
  • Ultimately we will want to use "Asset Combining" techniques to lessen the DNS queries and speed up page loads. Keep this in mind. If it can be implemented now, that's best, but otherwise this will be part of our tweaking of the site.