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Bug Testing Criteria
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Bug Testing Criteria

Bug Testing Procedures (IMPORTANT)

See our step-by-step guide on how to properly use FogBugz for assigning a case from developer, to bug tester, back to developer for bug fixes and finally to YSAcentral for final approval. View FogBugz wiki

Bug Testing Criteria to Look For

At YSAcentral our philosophy is doing things right the first time and always demand the best quality possible. We expect final sliced / coded pages to look like the original PhotoShop PSD designs. The following are key areas where we find most developers are lacking in paying attention to the finer details of a project, so it is up to your first level (the coder) and second level (dedicated bug tester) of bug testers to catch these problems; 

  • Font Sizes
  • Font Family
  • Font Color
  • Line Height (called "leading" in PhotoShop)
  • Link Colors
    • When slicing and coding the html front end, did you create CSS link classes for all links on the page?
  • Vertical Alignment -- is the text vertically aligned properly within the parent element?
  • Padding
  • Margins
  • Size / Dimensions of elements (boxes, lines, text boxes, text areas, etc)

Most of these issues should be caught in development or your first level of bug testing. These are what we call visual/cosmetic bugs. We understand you will miss some of these issues and we will end up seeing them, but you need to make sure we receive very few of this type, otherwise we will need to question your attention to detail and quality.