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Last modified on 1/6/2012 2:54 AM by User.


YSAcentral Links & User Accounts for Login

These links are for accessing the different sections (modules) of the overall YSAcentral project.


PUBLIC staging environment
Home Page  
Sign-Up Wizard Right side of home page



USERS staging environment
Social Region Home Page (SRHP)  
Activity Central  
Activity Wizard  



BISHOPS / BISHOPRIC staging environment
Bishop Sign-Up Wizard YSAcentral Admin must invite
the bishop from the Admin Dashboard



ADMINS (YSACENTRAL) staging environment
Admin Dashboard farhan :: abc123



POSTER DESIGN STUDIO staging environment
Poster Design Studio Create an Account
      ~OR~   ::  abc123
Asset Management Dashboard (AMD)

admin :: drxgty

NOTE: To get to the PDS where the Admin creates a Master
Template, enter into the AMD and select “Create a Master
Template”. To “Edit” the master templates, click on the
“Master Template” link and then click on the “edit” link. 


List of Master Templates, Config "doesn’t seem to be working"