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AddThis Share integration
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Last modified on 8/9/2011 1:25 AM by User.


AddThis Share integration

AddThis is used all over the YSAcentral project for managing sharing buttons and the analytic's behind them. 

Client-API Credentials:
pubid ysacentral Note: see 'lib/config.php' for the constant 'ADDTHIS_USER'

Clickback Analytics
Now, AddThis can even measure how much traffic is brought back to your pages from visitors sharing your content with our tools. This is accomplished by appending a variable to your URLs when they are shared. We then use this variable to track how many people come back to your content from those links. To enable this feature, be sure you have defined addthis_config and set the following variable to TRUE:

IMPORTANT: This change must be made to all instances of your AddThis code.