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DIV Pop-up Window Architecture
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Last modified on 11/10/2011 3:49 AM by User.


DIV Pop-up Window Architecture

In all situations, except those explicitly defined by YSAcentral specifications, you will always use FaceBox to create the framework for any pop-up DIV windows. We try to create the similar look in the PhotoShop PSD files, but you should not use the the PSD graphical border design. FaceBox creates a nice border effect that we want to be consistent across the entire YSAcentral project.

FaceBox Website
FaceBox v1.3 Download

Window Placement

  • Horizontal (left to right)  = CENTER
  • Vertical (top to bottom) = 110 pixels from top

Window Loading

  • Preset the pop up windows (DIV) width, so it doesn't start small and then bounce to the right and then grow down. 
  • Make sure the pop up window (DIV) is centered horizontally even when it's just "loading". As soon as the borders are visible it should be positioned.

Is it possible, if the screen height (view port) is less than 700 pixels, then VERTICAL align the pop-up to MIDDLE? That way it will not have the 110 pixels at the top, instead it will be perfectly centered horizontally and vertically on the smaller screens.