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Development & Bug Testing Procedures (using FogBugz)

This wiki entry is to help explain quirks experienced commonly among our developers. As well as provide direction on procedures how YSAcentral expects it's developers to use FogBugz.

If you have anything to add, please include it at the end of this wiki entry, so i can review it, along with your name so I know who added it.

Procedures for Case Handling among Developers & Bug Testers in FogBugz (IMPORTANT)

1) Developer codes a FogBugz case that is category "Feature".
2) Once coding is complete, developer uploads code to ''. (NOTE: Required so you can be paid wages).
3) Developer does initial functionality and bug testing in the '' server environment.
4) Once developer fixes obvious bugs and feels the case has been fully "implemented":
     4a) Click "Resolve" link at top right of case.
     4b) Change "Assigned To" to the Bug Testers name.
     4c) Change "Status" to "Resolved (Implemented)"
     4d) Put in a note to the bug tester similar to; "Please test this case using the following URL and login credentials." >> Make sure the developer includes any URLs or login credentials required for proper testing.
     4e) Click "Resolve" button.
5) The bug tester will do exhaustive testing to find all issues, both cosmetic and functional (see bug testing criteria wiki). 
6) If Bug Tester Finds a Bug:
     6a) Create a sub-case for each bug (do not aggregate them). Set the Category to "Bug".
     6b) Change "Assigned To" to the developer who worked on the parent case.
     6c) Enter a detailed enough description of the bug for the developer to be able to reproduce the error; inlcude URL and login credentials only if necessary.
     6d) Click "OK" button. The developer will be notified via email.
     6e) Bug tester must keep the parent case assigned to himself until Step #7
     6f) The developer and bug tester should assign cases back-and-forth to each other as described above until all bug and parent cases are resolved.
     6g) Once developer fixes a bug case, they will;
            6h) Click "Resolve" link at top right of case.
            6i) Change "Assigned To" to the Bug Testers name.
            6j) Change "Status" to "Resolved (Fixed)"
            6k) Click "Resolve" button.
                   6l) Bug Tester must re-test the case;
                         6m) If bug still exists:
                                6n) Bug tester must click the "Reactivate" link.
                                6o) Change "Assigned To" to the developers name. The "Status" field will be set "Active".
                                6p) Type in description of bug or change in bug to help developer find the bug.
                                6q) Click "OK" button. Developer is automatically notified of change.
                         6r) New bug found, most likely introduced by "fix":
                                6s) Start at Step #6 above for the new bug.
                         6t) Bug has been fixed:
                                6u) Click "Resolve" link.
                                6v) Change "Assigned To" to the development teams Project Manager. "Status" should be left at the  
                                      current setting.
                                6w) Type in a comment to the Project Manage about the case being closed and bug free.
                                6x) Click the "Resolve" button.
7) If Bug Tester Doesn't Find Any Bugs:
     4a) Click "Resolve" link at top right of case.
     4b) Change "Assigned To" to the development teams Project Managers name.
     4c) Change "Status" to "Resolved (Implemented)"
     4d) Put in a note to the bug tester (See below "Note to Bug Tester Example").
     4e) Click "Resolve" button.
8) When all Cases in the iteration are complete, bug free, including all bug cases closed, you will;
     8a) Click the "Assign" link.
     8b) Change the "Assigned To" dropdown to YSAcentral (in this case Spencer)
     8c) Type in a note similar to; "The iteration is complete. YSAcentral needs to test and close the iteration cases."
     8d) Click the "OK" button
     8e) YSAcentral is automatically notified of the cases being assigned to us.
9) YSAcentral will then do our own exhaustive bug testing and report any problem via bug cases to the developer. After developer fixes the reported bugs, he should follow steps 4-7 again. 
10) Once YSAcentral determines there are no more bugs, we will close the bug cases and the parent cases assuming all work has been completed and bugs are fixed.