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Last modified on 8/30/2011 4:10 AM by User.


Activity Showcase Background Tiles

This wiki is for the Activity Showcase (case #1005) project. The background files are individual PhotoShop PSD files that are included in the grid below. 

How this works:

Determine the page section combinations for up to 7 scenarios, these run across the top of the grid. Depending on which sections are necessary will determine which background file to use.


Background File Poster RSVP
Photos Video Poll Graffiti Wall,
Info & Host
PSD File
Master X X X X X X PSD
#2 X X X   X X PSD
#3 X X X     X PSD
#4 X X       X PSD
#5 X X   X X X PSD
#6 X X   X   X PSD
#7 X X     X X PSD