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Last modified on 9/2/2011 1:20 PM by User.


New URL Structure using mod_rewrite

Developers note: This is currently a YSAcentral internal discussion, do not implement any of these URLs.

We need to clean-up the URLs currently being used in the YSAcentral project. We are using CodeIgniter and running on Apache which allows us to use mod_rewrite for the CodeIgniter controller in the URL. We must have short, easy to remember URLs like the following;

CodeIgniter URLs Documentation
CodeIgniter Controllers Documentation

CodeIgniter URI Routing -- this might come in handy.

  Current URL New URL Description
Website Home page  
Social Region Home /ysa_project/index.php/regionhome /home  
Users Profile page /ysa_project/index.php/profile /profile  
Activity Central /ysa_project/index.php/activity /activities  
Activity Showcase [individual] ? /activity ?????
Activity Showcase [conference] ? /conference ?????
Activity Wizard /admin/?user_id=460 /create-activity ????? edit?
Adventure Groups Home Page N/A /groups  
Adventure Group N/A /group/{name}  
Change Ward N/A /change-ward  
My Account N/A /account  
Organizer Admin N/A /organizer or /admin?
Photo Albums N/A /album or /photos ?
Privacy Page N/A /privacy or /security ?
Notifications N/A /notifications ???? Will we need this?
Email - Inbox N/A /mail or /mail/inbox
Email - Sent folder N/A /mail/sent  
Email - Trash      
Region Page (not SRHP) N/A /region Logged in user region home page.
Region Page [specify region] N/A /region/{name} Allowed???
Ward Page N/A /ward Takes user to logged in users ward home page.
Ward Page [specify ward]   /ward/{name} ?????
Ward Directory N/A /directory Only lists persons in the logged in users Ward.
Region Directory N/A /region-directory  
Poster Design Studio   /posters  
Poster Design Studio [specific poster]   /poster/edit/{id} Do we need "edit"

Current URLs base URL is:  http://{ENV}{CurrentURL}

New URLs base URL will be:  http://{ENV}{NewURL}

*** If any of these are a problem, let Spencer or Josh know and we will work out alternative solutions.