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Image Manipulation / Image Pro…
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Last modified on 11/16/2011 12:10 PM by User.


Image Manipulation / Image Processing

See also: Image Size Variations / Photo Size Variations

In keeping with moving forward on a standardized platform, we require that all image processing be handled through ImageMagick, unless GD Library is required, like it would be to do watermarking.

CodeIgnitor Image Manipulation Library Documentation:

The CodeIgnitor implementation makes it simple to switch between graphics libraries. 

ImageMagick Library:


Pre-Sapple Developers Used:


The previous developers used a php function called ‘smart_resize_image’ from

This function is declared in 2 files on the dev environment;

This resizing function was called from the following files;

I only bring this up, because it seems to me it shouldn't be 

CodeIgniter Image Manipulation Library